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  • Aaaand it’s the last new hairdo from the hairdebate. This one’s based on the 11th style, and while I was really partial to it on that sketch page with all the other styles, I found myself less enamoured with it the more I worked on this picture. 

    Still, I’m actually pretty pleased with the general look and feel, and doing some light sourcing actually worked out on this one (when I tried it on the other two it just looked bad, probably because there was no direct light source like the window here). 

    So between this and the three swimsuit pics, I’ve completed two sets of prints! For the first time ever. Now to get off my ass and actually print them and try to sell them. 

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  • I’ve been planning on changing Charlie’s hair for a while now, and will have to take that plunge pretty soon. I figured I would let anyone who cares in on the process. 

    Here are a bunch of variations. Any favs? Got another idea for her entirely? (Photos would help!)

    I’m kind of partial to 11 right now, I think. Or maybe something like 6. 

    EDIT: I totally forgot to mention, YES she’s going to be dyeing her hair, as well. Though most likely keeping real hair colour in bangs, or just streaking her bangs. Not a full colour change, anyway. 

    VOTING UPDATE: Here’s the first collection of votes as of Saturday @ 4. 

    6 is at seven votes. 

    11 is at six votes.

    3 is at four votes.

    10, 4, and 7 are all tied with two votes each.

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