1. Well this scene is now wrapped up, and I figured I would show another shot from it - another Charlie shot I was really happy with. 

    It’s not often I do a full-body shot - mostly it’s because that also means I need to draw a lot of background, just the kind of stuff that slows down a page considerably. So I tend to avoid it. Might try to sneak them in a little more often now that I’ve eased off on colouring (which REALLY slows me down). 


  2. A panel from the next page! It turned out as one of my favourite shots of Charlie so far, honestly. (Yes this is what I’m doing on a Friday night of a long weekend.)


  3. Moleskin sketch of Charlie and Alex at a pool. 

    There was a quick flurry of sketches I did up while at Disneyland - it was getting really hot and most of these sketches are about cooling off. It’s definitely not the best and kind of makes me flinch but it’s got some qualities. Swimsuits! 


  4. Charlie Rockabilly sketch! Another recommendation from tonight.

    Girls playing bass is preeeetty much the hottest thing ever. I don’t really know why, but it’s true. 


  5. Aaaand it’s the last new hairdo from the hairdebate. This one’s based on the 11th style, and while I was really partial to it on that sketch page with all the other styles, I found myself less enamoured with it the more I worked on this picture. 

    Still, I’m actually pretty pleased with the general look and feel, and doing some light sourcing actually worked out on this one (when I tried it on the other two it just looked bad, probably because there was no direct light source like the window here). 

    So between this and the three swimsuit pics, I’ve completed two sets of prints! For the first time ever. Now to get off my ass and actually print them and try to sell them. 

  6. And here’s number 6 of the hairstyles! Next one is going to be 11. 

    Really super-enjoyed getting to play with wallpaper and Victorian furniture and outfits and fishnets. Probably my fav series so far. I could do this forever, honestly. If only I could make every panel of Brightest a pinup… and set everything in an old Victorian house. HMMMMMMM.

    As far as hair goes, I’m not too sure which I’m preferring. I think I’m still most partial to the last picture’s haircut. 

  7. Thanks to the feedback on the different hairstyles, I’ve decided to do a series of three pin-ups of Charlie sporting a different hairstyle in each. All three have Charlie dolled up in a Victorian-ish house.

    Here’s the first!

    I’m going to get the other two up this week, and then print them up (along with a bunch of other pictures) and finally pull the trigger on that Etsy store I’ve been flirting with. 

  8. I don’t really do these enough, but I don’t know if people actually care about seeing these. It’s a larger shot from an upcoming panel from the comic.


  9. Some thumbnails I did up for reference for the scene I’m working on right now. First time I drew up the outfits for reference, but I might do it from now on since it helped so much.

  10. Charlie in a summertime pin-up, dressed way too well for ratty old furniture (which was the theme).