1. Summer Pinup Charlie

    And the final bit of fan-servicery for this series. Charlie!

    Like I’ve said, I’ve already got an initial run of these printed (I think it’s 20 each? 15? Something), along with a few other prints actually. Charlie hair experiments and…the group shot for Season 2? 

    Just checked the box again and they seem to have survived the fire unscathed - any sort of smoke smell is long gone by now too, as it turns out. Maybe I’ll try to get around to selling them at some point. But I’m a terrible businessman. 


  2. Charlie Painting Toenails Request!

    Decided to try a quick sketch - the goal was definitely to be loose and fast with it, and that’s what actually happened, thankfully. Basing this off a request (but minus the bra and panties. Though those are in here, I suppose, just underneath!), because I’m not good enough to think up random ideas on the spot right now. 

    Can’t promise I’ll do any of the requests, but I appreciate the ideas! As you can see, they can sometimes work out. 

  3. Charlie Vintage Pinup Sketch 

    Got something actually sketched up! Again, spent more time poring through my favs on Tumblr and devouring more vintage livingrooms/furniture and pinups. 

    Still working towards that quest of finding what I like about drawing and comics again. My plan is to try the whole lineless/construction-paper look to this one, too. It’d be nice to get it done in time for posting up Monday on the site to give an update to all the people waiting for the next page and at least let them know “hey, no page coming anytime soon”. 

  4. Charlene’s Coffee Experiment

    Found some amazing, inspiring art out there of lineless work (and paper cut-outs), and I wanted to do some work with it. Never having done this kind of thing before, this was slow and painful and not great. But I kind of dig the idea of this look and want to do some more with it. 

    Didn’t want to put the effort into a background, though. 

    Fashion based off of this outfit

  5. Found this random sketch of Charlie in a folder. Since I’ve so rarely posted, figured I would toss it up. I think I was working on fashion stuff.

  6. Rockabilly Bass

    Still needing to do this whole “re-charge with random drawing” thing to try and get my groove back. Instead of starting from scratch, though, I went through my backlog of sketches and decided to finish off a picture I still liked. 

    This was spurred from a suggestion of a rockabilly Charlie, I believe, and then I went for the bass and all that, because I love bass, and that’s one of my favourite actual ones (a Thunderbird). I’ve got one of those, but it’s an Epiphone version, and I love it. The only thing better is a Rickenbacker bass (and maybe one of those Jazzmaster basses). 


  7. Charlie Winter Fashion

    This isn’t quite the look I was wanting (I really wanted to try much more simplistic shading where just sections are shaded instead of definitions shaded, but I always fail at simplifying), but it feels really good to get something NOT a comic page drawn. It’s been a sad while.

    Really needed to spend some time I didn’t really have to draw up something random. 

    It’s weird how much I enjoy drawing fashion now. Utterly weird if you knew me (since I have no fashion), and especially weird to draw something like this after a few days of playing Modern Warfare 3 as hard as I have been. 



    I should probably add links to the outfit! 

    These are the leggings: http://www.aliexpress.com/product-fm/363542156-wholesale-free-ship-Knitting-warm-Christmas-flower-pattern-Legging-render-pants-2010-new-Socks-Leggings-MINI-wholesalers.html

    This is the hat: http://www.shinystyle.tv/winter%20hats.jpg

    This is the rest of the outfit: http://prettyplussize.tumblr.com/post/12223938324/cute-outfit

  8. Figure I might as well post this up in case Photoshop crashes on me like it’s threatening to. 

    Been feeling really rushed and ‘blah’ about drawing lately (and been much more absorbed in gaming when not busy with baby/work) and I wanted to try and get some spark back. I’ve kind of fallen in love with drawing fashion sooooo here’s Charlie in some Winter gear. Hoping to finish this up today. 

    Trying something new with the inking, and going to try something new with the colours. 


  9. Oh hey, I updated today! 


    This is one of my favourite panels in a while, actually.