1. Some bunny and cat sketches from today. Been too long. 

  2. Found myself really inspired by the art on the Armello Kickstarter, and really had to draw some of my own.


  3. Princess Farmer! 

    Been working on ideas, y’all. Also, I’m watching a LOT of Pokemon Black/White. 


  4. The boy saw a scene in Ultimate Spiderman where Spiderman hugged Nick Fury happily and said “Spiderman daddy!”

    Headcanon accepted.

  5. Saw the sketch of Charlie as a bunny in my art folder and felt compelled to finish it. 

  6. Spent a week doing some exploration on a game idea…and came away with the reality that I would need a team of artists to pull off a retelling of Brightest. Which is a huge disappointment, because I was really enjoying working on this experiment. 

    But drawing each part of each body as a separate object, and then re-assembling those into animation patterns just kills it, and a collection of still images doesn’t really sell anything. I was just getting to the animation when the reality of the scope came crashing down on me and I couldn’t bring myself to finish this shot.

    That definitely depressed me this week. But I wanted to share this anyway since it might be my favourite drawing of Charlie ever and keeping her hidden in a folder seemed rude. 

  7. Roughing out some idle animations. A blink! 

  8. Finally found some time scattered across the last few days to finish this drawing off. Charlie in a poofy dress and socks.

  9. "Can I pick a dress for you to draw Charlie in?" my wife said. 

    "Sure!" I said. 

    "Here’s the MOST COMPLICATED DRESS," my wife said.

    "See you in a week!" I said. 

    (Actually she gave a list of outfits from modcloth and this was just one of them but I had to draw it. And then I had to draw a setting. And then that meant wallpaper and smoky lighting and a vintage chaise.) 


  10. My nice new Samsung Note 10.1 got knocked off the couch last month and the screen doesn’t turn on any more - which is a real bummer because I was able to sketch on it from anywhere I wanted. I haven’t looked into the repair costs yet, but it’s more than I can afford for now. 

    Finally sick of not being able to draw away from my desk, I caved and unburied the sketchbook. It wasn’t as bad as I had feared, and I was even able to get in some more Charlie practice as I work on solidifying her new design.